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2022 Event Schedule 

Friday, May 27th 
5:00 PM      Registration opens at the VFW Hall

5:00PM         DJ - Dr. Nate

6:00PM         Vendor Room Opens 6-9PM

7:00PM         West of Texas

8:00PM         DJ - Douglas Leclair

9:00PM         Bear Flag Trio

10:00PM        DJ- James

11:00PM         Brian Hogan

12:30AM        DJ - Dr. El Dedo 

Saturday, May 28th


9:30AM           Registration Opens 9:30am-11:30pm                

10:00AM         Vendor Room Opens 10am - 8pm   (closed from 5:30-6:30)                          Dance Lesson #1 - Steve & Karine  (4 Seasons Cafe)

                       Dance Lesson #2 - Mike 2 Step       (VFW Main Stage)          

11:00AM          DJ - Douglas Leclair                   

                       Dance Lesson #3 Kim & David.        (4 Seasons Cafe)

12:00PM          Slim Sandy                    

                       Dance Lesson #4 Steve & Karine.    (4 Seasons Cafe)

1:00PM            DJ - Alex "AXLE" Idzardi    

                       Dance Lesson #5 Kim & David         (4 Seasons Cafe)

2:00PM           Corey Grinder and the Playboy Scouts               

                       Dance Lesson #6 Corina                  (4 Seasons Cafe)

3:00                DJ - Professor Watson

                       Best Boots Competition                    (Main Stage)

                       Dance Lesson #7 Kim & David.         (4 Seasons Cafe)

4:00PM           Carolyn Sills Combo                

                       Dance Lesson #8 - Corina                 (4 Seasons Cafe)

5:00PM           DJ - Professor Watson                

5:30PM           Whiskey Tasting hosted by Jeff Kroll (Vendor Room Stage)

7:30PM           Kyle Eldridge and the Rhythm Rounders               

8:30PM           DJ - Alex "AXLE" Idzardi        

                       Burlesque Show #1                            (Vendor Room Stage)    

9:30PM           Dave Stuckey                

10:30PM          DJ - El Dedo       

                       Burlesque Show #2                            (Vendor Room Stage)   

11:30PM          Shawn Young Band               

12:30AM         DJ - James              

Sunday, May 29th     

9:30AM           Registration Opens                            (Open Until 11:30AM)

10:00AM         Vendor Room Opens                          (closed from 5:30-6:30)

                       Dance Lesson #1 Kim & David            (4 Seasons Cafe)

                       Dance Lesson #2 - Mike 2 Step          (Main Stage)

11:00AM          DJ - Professor Watson

                       Dance Lesson #3 Steve & Karine        (4 Seasons Cafe)

12:00PM          The Haywoods

                       Dance Lesson #4 Kim & David            (4 Seasons Cafe)

1:00PM            DJ - Dr. Nate

                       Fashion Show hosted by Charlotte Del Rose  (Main Stage)

                       Dance Lesson #5 Steve & Karine         (4 Seasons Cafe)

2:00PM           The Lone Star Debonairs

                       Dance Lesson #6 Corina                       (4 Seasons Cafe)

3:00PM            DJ - James 

                        Best Dressed Competition                    (Main Stage)

                        Dance Lesson #7 - Steve & Karine       (4 Seasons Cafe)

4:00PM            Bebo and the Goodtimes Boys

                        Dance Lesson #8 - Corina.                    (4 Seasons Cafe)

5:00PM            DJ - El Dedo

5:30PM            Tequilla Tasting hosted by Lantz & Melissa (Vendor Room                             stage)

7:30PM            Southwest Bisquit Company

8:30PM            DJ Dave Frutos

9:30PM            Lil Mo and the Lonesome Crows

10:30PM          Lindy Vs. Jive Competition

                        DJ - Dr. Nate Vs. DJ El Dedo

11:30PM           Mitch Polzak and his Royal Dueces

12:30AM          DJ - El Dedo & DJ- James

Monday, May 30th
10:00 AM         Memorial Day Parade
(You are welcome to join the City of Tehachapi's Annual Veteran's Memorial Parade & Flag Ceremony prior to our festivities  gather outside the VFW Hall at 10:00 AM Parade begins at 10:30 AM)
12:00 PM          Memorial Day Flag Raising Ceremony
12:30PM           Vintage Picnic Starts at Philip Marx Central Park Gazebo
(Free to the Public our personal Thank You to the City of Tehachapi! Please join us for the show!)
(Dance under the shade of a beautiful Vintage gazebo right next to the band for a unique country small town experience, Bring your own vintage Picnic setup and lunch to enjoy the musical entertainment. This portion of our event is free and open to the Public.)

1:00PM              Abby Girl and the Real Deal

3:00PM             The Sweetwater Gentlemen

Safe travels see ya' next year!
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