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Western Swing Out is excited to share,  a uniquely curated Tequila tasting experience. Immerse yourself in the cultural history and production of Agave tequiliana, the only variety of Agave that produces Tequila. Our discussion will include cultivation practices, traditional roasting and fermenting techniques, along with the various distillation styles.


Learn the fundamentals of how to taste Tequila, while exploring the intricacies of the aromas and flavors profiles. You can expect to get to know your own palate, be confident in what to purchase for your home bar and what to ask for in a cocktail.


Embark with us, on this tequila tasting journey, to discover all there is to appreciate about Tequila and Agave spirits. the complex, sophisticated and misunderstood spirit … Tequila, a true southwestern cultural icon. No other spirit has a more mysterious and colorful history surrounded by myths, legends and lore. It’s origins in the Mexican desert continue to inspire imagery of desperadoes on horseback, riding the dusty roads of dry plains and sullen volcanoes, and of traditional mariachi music, with brightly-dressed festival attendees whirling in a traditional dance. Tequila is easily the most evocative word in the lexicon of drinkers. It transcends simple definition by reaching into the heart of Mexico, past and present.


Sells out at 35 tasters

Tequila Tasting

  • Tickets are non refundable. Rain or Shine.

    Tickets are held at Will Call and available at the event registration tables.

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